Watch Our Story and Learn About Our Mission

First off, thank you for being a part of fighting human trafficking by supporting Body Juice. We have a mission to fight human trafficking. Our founders are actively involved in partnering with law enforcement worldwide and providing education to others to help protect those most at-risk to being trafficked through distributing infographics to help combat human trafficking. 

We predominantly fulfill our anti-human trafficking efforts through the 501c3 nonprofit that our founders started called Movement 313. Movement 313 has a mission to abolish human trafficking through partnering with law enforcement, educating others to protect those at risk, and supporting survivors. 

Our founders wanted to have a nonprofit that was transparent financially and effective in its mission. Thus, no one member on the team at Movement 313 draws a salary. 100% of donations goes towards all efforts to abolish trafficking.

We are a for-profit juice bar that donates 100% of our net-profits to a 501c3 nonprofit that our founders started called Movement 313. By net-profits, we mean that the amount that is left after we deduct expenses like employee salaries, cost of goods, utilities, rent, etc. from the gross profit that we make at Body Juice.

Movement 313, which is the nonprofit that our founders started is an entirely 100% volunteer-based nonprofit. Movement 313 does not pay any of their leaders, board members, or founders, which means every dollar goes towards fulfilling its mission.

While we can’t talk about every effort, we work hand-in-hand with others who need connections to report crimes to law enforcement. We also work with law enforcement to help combat this issue. Additionally, we use technology and education to help provide practical, helpful tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking. We are a group of people set-out to help those who can’t help themselves. 

Infographics We've Distributed Worldwide

If you’ve heard of A21 Costa Mesa, Walk for Freedom, or Slave 2 Nothing, then you probably will understand our mission. We exist to abolish and stop child trafficking now. 

We use infographics, similar to anti-sex trafficking cartoons, to help educate others about the Breannas, the Cindys, the Josephs, and the many others who are victims to this crime. 

If you are wondering what is a 21, a slavery fighter, a21 xxx, or a housing coordinator, visit our page to get an introduction to how you can be part of a movement!

We, like thousands of people, are passionate about justice. No one wants their kids being a victim of sexual exploitation as a parent. And as such, it’s important to be educated enough to know that Orange County is one of the largest hubs of human trafficking in the United States. 

The demand side causing traffickers to turn to Orange County is wealth. Over 80% of victims all over the US end up being trafficked at some point to Orange County, CA because of the wealthy “johns” who will pay a higher fee for sex. 

You may have heard of human trafficking initally from an A21 campaign, Slave 2 Nothing Foundation, or slave fighters. However you found out, thank you for reading this and being a part of changing lives. Every time you purchase a juice, smoothie, or bowl from Body Juice, you help nonprofit organizations like Movement 313 help support victims of child trafficking. 

We greatly understand that there is not a step by step solution to abolishing human trafficking. It is a multi-dimensional, ever-evolving, and complex problem that is deeply rooted in cultural, systemic, and political issues. 

Some of the prime factors is foster care. Over 80% of survivors rescued in Orange County were at some point in foster care. The problem is that many youth age out of the system without getting much support from the state, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation. 

Case management is not enough, we need the government to provide transitional housing for those aging out of foster care to help them have time to become independent. We need nonprofit organizations to collaborate and partner together to help make this an effective effort. 

As we have been in the nonprofit sector as founders, we have seen that many NGOs are highly competitive with one another due to fear of losing out on grant funding. Because of this, few organizations truly work together hand-in-hand, which is a sad reality. We hope that very soon, NGOs can put aside their fears and work in unity to help bring a solution that will reverberate through the criminal sex trafficking rings.

We are always in need of creatives, thinkers, problem-solvers, and tech gurus in our fight. We welcome all ideas and know that we cannot do this without one another. 

We understand that we cannot do this alone. If you have an idea that can help, please do email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear your thoughts and would appreciate any input you would like to contribute.