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Acai Bowl Huntington Beach

Our Unique Acai Bowls and More

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Happy Customers

Body Juice's Costa Mesa Location & Hours


Monday through Friday: 9 AM to 2 PM
Saturdays: 10 AM to 2 PM
Sundays ~ Closed


Come visit us at 1500 Adams, Ste 101 in Costa Mesa, CA.

Body Juice Mission

We have a mission to fight human trafficking. We are actively involved in partnering with law enforcement worldwide and providing education to others to help protect those most at-risk to being trafficked. 

Have you been looking for Acai Bowl Huntington Beach? If you are craving some warm chia pudding, you have come to the perfect place! Body Juice is an amazing juice bar that provides bowl to go. We also have handcrafted juices and smoothies irvine. 

Our juices were formulated specifically to target anxiety, stress, and other health issues that you may have. Some people ask us whats the difference between acai and pitaya. That is a great question. 


Acai is a little more tart in flavor and pitaya has a whisphy and sweeter composition. You may have researched small everbowl calories or other bowl places. We are different in a sense of unique flavors compared to acai bowls mission viejo. 


Eat a bowl is a phrase that a lot of people say when they are hungry. We at Body Juice are here to satisfy your cravings while providing healthy food that caters to your body’s needs. Acai bowl irvine is a term that people often ask us. There are so many different fruits and vegetables that are good for your body. 


We chose the ones that are loaded with nutrients to really overcome the common issues that most people face in their lives. You may be looking for acai bowl costa mesa, and we are happy to say that we serve residents in Costa Mesa. 


Earth bowl superfoods is a common store that uses premade acai bases that are filled with sweeteners. We do our best to use ingredients that are good for you and cater to people who are not able to have normal amounts of sugar in their diet. Blue bowl calories, the bowl menu, or birdie bowl may have been items you may have been searching for before landing on this page.

Lazy bird anaheim is a store that came after blue bowl huntington beach. The two stores were built after the Blue Bowl location at the Hanger Long Beach, or in other words, LBX hangar. 


Huckleberry Anaheim is a flavor that so many people crave and it comes with blue chia pudding that is served either warm or cold at Blue Bowl’s locations. Pitaya hours are an interesting topic. We do not know for sure when Pitaya is best harvested, and we would recommend talking to a professional. 


I know some people have asked us if we have acai bowl san clemente. At this time, we do not have a location in San Clemente, but we would love to in the future. Acai bowl anaheim is another thing that comes up, and again, since we are a small business, we are focusing on being a part of our Costa Mesa community. 


Earth bowl menu has a variety of toppings, bases, and sizes. People do not compare us to Earth Bowl because we make our bases from scratch and completely unique and different flavors from earth bowl and blue bowl. 


Smoothies Long Beach is sometimes the reason why people visit us. We have handcrafted smoothies that are great for post-workouts, energy, and boosting your mood. 


Tropical fruit is typically found in pitaya and acai bowl newport beach. Pitaya bowl often are filled with artificial sweeteners even though many others claim it to have health benefits. That is why it is so important to make sure you read the ingredients carefully when eating pitaya fruits. 


The benefit of eating big bowl anaheim is that is does not have free radicals. Almond butter has healthy fats and helps to contribute to lowering your risk of heart disease and boosting your immune system. Acai berry is a superfood that greatly boosts your health. Typically acai is dairy free and can be found in huntington beach acai bowl. 


Chia seed pudding is found at several stores including Earth Bowl Superfoods.