Earth Bowl Superfoods

5 Health Benefits of Eating Acai Bowls

earth bowl superfoods

There has been a huge hype around Acai Bowls the last few years in our city, Costa Mesa, and beyond. This is largely due to its reputation as a nutrient rich superfood with a tasty flavor. Here are 5 health benefits to eating acai. 

One: May Help with Skincare

Acai is known for having dense antioxidant properties. When acai is consumed it may give your skin a natural, healthy glow. Some people may even use the oils produced from acai berries and apply it to their skin for possible benefits! 

Two: May be an Immunity Booster

One nutrient that is found abundantly in acai is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is well known for boosting immunity. Its high antioxidant levels may also fight against free radicals. 

Three: May Improve Energy

A 2015 study issued in the Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism journal, found that acai consumption may fight mental exhaustion and fatigue. Next time you need a boost, try an acai bowl.

Four: May Help Digestion

Among other nutrients, acai is a good source of fiber. Fiber helps people to have a healthy digestive cycle.

Five: May Lower “Bad” Cholesterol

On top of early research suggesting that acai may lower “bad” cholesterol levels, acai may also raise “good” cholesterol.

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