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Open Late | Healthy Smoothies and Acai Bowls | Body Juice

We are open late from 7pm to 12am Monday through Saturday. If you are looking for healthy smoothies near me, you have arrived at the right destination. We are often mistaken for Blue Bowl, but make no mistake, we are not the same in many, many ways. 

First, we are a nonprofit juice bar that gives 100% of our profits to fighting human trafficking. We are in the category for restaurants open late and we do come up in searches for acai bowl places near me. Other than that, we have completely different and epic recipes that you will not find anywhere else on the planet for protein smoothies and bowls. 

Are you looking for an acai bowl near me? A smoothie bowl near me? An acai bowl Huntington Beach? An acai bowl Costa Mesa? You have come to the right place for these items.

An acai bowl Newport Beach? We are not too far from earth bowl superfoods, which is often compared to healthy smoothie places like us. 


At Body Juice, we care about the way that we make our bowls and smoothies and strive for perfection. We are open late nights and have a full menu. 

We eventually would love to be open 24 hours, bur right now we stay open until midnight. We are healthy fast food and offer hand crafted juices smoothies and banzai bowls. We do not offer pressed juice but we have more than healthy snacks to eat!


We are about 25 minutes from Corona del mar and we have the best late night eats that are not only delicious, they are healthy and nutritious. 


How about Pur Bowls acai bowls? A Nekter juice bar is a few miles away from us, and we are often compared to that establishment. Birdie Juice? Body Juice Acai bowl near me is the top option for Orange County acai bowls. Blue bowl is the original place for build your own bowls, but it seems that pur bowls and earth bowl has tried to imitate their brand. 


We choose to be open late because we enjoy the community and serving everyone!


Body Juice has the cream of the crop acai bowl Costa Mesa. Body Juice smoothie bowl near me are a different style of smoothie bowl than Pur Bowl (pur bowls acai bowls). The way of making acai bowls that Body Juice uses is more similar to nekter juice bar (Nekktar) açaí bowls


A Body Juice acai bowl near me, aka smoothie bowl near me, has tons of topping options like fresh fruit, vegan and organic granola, strawberries, bananas, cacao nibs, vegan chia pudding, ground chia seeds, blueberries, unsweetened coconut, gluten free Oreos, almond butter, peanut butter, Cheerio’s and pineapple. Body Juice is a feel good juice bar near me. 


We have two new smoothie bowl near me called the Animal Circus Cookie Bowl (not at Pur Bowl or Nekktar) and the Cheerio Bowl (not at Pur Bowl or Nekter juice bar)!  If you are looking for an acai bowl Costa Mesa or an acai bowl Newport Beach come try one of these new smoothie bowls or one of our classics. 

The Animal Circus Cookie Bowl is made with ingredients like nut butter, animal circus cookies, banana and more. The Cheerio Bowl is Honey Nut Cheerios with nut butter, banana, and honey!


If you are more of a sweet tooth, then you might like the Animal Circus Cookie Bowl! If you prefer to consume more sweet and savory flavors then try the Cheerio Bowl! Both are topped with strawberries, bananas, and honey or agave. 


Are you looking for an acai bowl Costa Mesa? Are you looking for an acai bowl Newport Beach? Are you looking for an acai bowl Huntington Beach? 


We believe we are one of the best juice bars (acai bowl Costa Mesa, acai bowl Newport Beach, acai bowl huntington beach). See our Body Juice Menu here. We do not offer happy hour, but do have a website site map. We are open Fridays and Saturdays until midnight for all of your late night cravings.

Welcome to Body Juice

Body Juice is more than a late night spot for smoothies, acai bowls, and good food. We began with a dream of starting a juice bar that would fight human trafficking by giving 100% net-profits that we make to that cause. Find out more here.

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I stopped by one time when I was around the area and I love it ..super healthy option when you are trying to avoid fast food and you are in a hurry .. I would say it is a little expensive (like everything is Cali) but it was worth it . The guy there wasn’t that greedy but it was good.


Our first visit and was very pleased with the friendly staff. Staff took their time to go over the menu


Best Organic Acai Bowls in Orange County!! Always so fresh and yummy well worth the wait.


Best smoothies, juices, or bowls by far! I love the almond butter base! It is absolutely the best in my humble opinion. I've had Nekter and Robeks and they just don't compare. Plus the owners donate to helping victims of human trafficking. That is actually the mission of this place. So get a great smoothie, juice, and/or bowl and make a difference in the life of someone else.


What a place! Great food, extremely attentive service from happy staff, great ambience , excellent service.


I always swing by Body Juice whenever I’m in Costa Mesa and am so happy that they’ve expanded their hours/take online orders for pickup since opening! The mission of Body Juice is to help end human trafficking and they put their proceeds to that cause. If you follow their Instagram @bodyjuice, it’s a visual menu so you know what your bowls or smoothies look like. They offer juice (and curated cleanses with them), smoothies, and bowls. I’ve never had something I dislike here and have been trying to not repeat any of the items I order so that I can continue trying out items on the menu.


So yummy and 100% of profits go to a good cause! Would definitely recommend this place to everyone looking for a good açaí bowl! They have many favors to...


I saw this sign and wanted to know what it was.. well it wasn't open yet (it opens 7:30pm Wednesdays)but when I read the note on the window it made me...


When the Hawaiian Dream showed up on my Instagram I knew I had to try the pineapple-y goodness. It was delicious as was my sister's Berry Almond bowl. We...

Body Juice Mission

We have a mission to fight human trafficking. We are actively involved in partnering with law enforcement worldwide and providing education to others to help protect those most at-risk to being trafficked. 

Body Juice's Costa Mesa Location & Hours

Winter Hours

Monday thru Saturdays: 7pm to 10:15pm
Sundays ~ Closed

We are closed for most federal holidays. Please refer to Yelp to check our holiday hours.


Come visit us at 1500 Adams, Ste 101 in Costa Mesa, CA.

Are you looking for smoothies near me or acai bowls near me? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We hand-craft and make everything from scratch, using our unique recipes that we took over one year to develop and perfect. 

You may have also searched “freshly pressed juice near me” or “acai bowl near me,” either way, we can certainly help fulfill your acai bowl dreams and beyond. We are a family-owned business that cares about our community! You may also have searched “acai near me” or “acai bowl irvine” and we’re glad you’ve found our page. 

We serve the following areas: Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Westminster, and Garden Grove. Body Juice is a juice bar in Costa Mesa that serves plant based menu items like smoothies, smoothie bowls, fresh fruit juice and vegetable juices, and wellness shots. 

Our menu items come dairy free and are made up of a combination of fruit and vegetables or seeds and nuts. All of our menu items can be modified to be made vegan or gluten free if necessary. There is no added sugar in any of our menu items. 

The only sweeteners we use besides fruit and veggies are raw, local, all natural honey and organic agave. If you’re craving a green smoothie, we highly recommend that you try our Berry Almond Smoothie which is loaded with kale, almond butter, and more!

If the menu item that you are ordering contains a sweetener that you do not want in your bowl or smoothie, then you can select the option for NOT SWEET in the sweetener preference section when ordering your bowl. You may also leave a note at the end of your order indicating that you do not want any honey in the base.

Our acai bowls come with your option of 2 layers (Granola, Chia Pudding, Banana Slices) along with the base and toppings. We currently offer organic, vegan Hemp Seed Granola (has gluten). We offer vegan chia pudding that is made with almond milk (not coconut milk or greek yogurt) and organic chia seeds. Layers of banana slices are full layers of banana slices (all bowls already come with banana as a fruit topping). 

We do use frozen fruit in our fruit based bowls to eliminate watering down our bowls with ice. Many other bowl places use ice in their bases and artificial sweeteners that can leave you prone to health issues. We love our healthy fats like nut butters! Any smoothie or bowl that is made with almond butter can be substituted for peanut butter. This can be done by selecting the option to substitute peanut butter for almond butter during the ordering process. When ordering in person at our self-serve kiosks, feel free to verbally let us know of any modifications you need to make to your order. To place an order online for in store pick up, simply follow one of the order buttons or follow this link. We also offer in person ordering through self-serve kiosks. 

One of our staff members can help you if you need. Otherwise, you are welcome to simply place your order and pay at the kiosk, and we will give you your fresh juice, smoothie, or acai bowl when we complete it.  We would like to note that we do use nut butters in our food.

Therefore, while we can wash off equipment please note that we cannot guarantee that there will be no traces or cross contamination of tree nuts (or other allergens) in your smoothie, bowl or juice. While we put our full effort into handcrafting artisan smoothies, bowls, and juices, we actually started with a greater mission in mind than merely being known for our food. The vision of Body Juice started in 2013 when Jessica, one of our founders, had a life changing encounter in Thailand. We would love for our mission to grow to other areas of need for survivors of sex trafficking in the future. If you want to learn more or donate to our nonprofit, visit Movement 313’s website.